SM Console

SM Console - Wooden SM Desk

SM Console – Wooden Enclosure

The SM Console, Wooden Enclosure desk is the largest size within the range, designed with specific third party integration in mind, or where there is a requirement for a large number of cue light channels. The marine grade, high quality plywood construction fits to the same design uni-polar stand, offering all the same features as the fiberglass enclosure but with more space and depth to install larger pieces of 19” equipment.

Key Features:
· Detachable desk

· Bespoke design

· Accommodation of 3rd party equipment

· Up to 24 ways of CueSystem

· Fully expandable to facilitate any equipment

· Adjustable height stand (optional)

· Fully programmable switches


The Wooden enclosure SMConsole offers a large control area and can accommodate up to 24 cue light channels, additional touch panels for working light controls and a further 19” panel section on the right for extra facilities. The Wooden enclosure is a more solid unit, compared to the Fiberglass enclosure, yet can still be easily removed from the stand, for control room or front of house operation.

Luminaire Details

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Specification Code — Consult datasheets for options

SM Console Brochure
Variants Include: Range, Product, Size/Power, Beam Angle, CCT, Driver, Main Colour, Secondary Colour (if applicable), Accessories.