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Aquila Wallwasher Large

Aquila Wallwasher Large

A slight variation to the optics allows the Aquila to be available as a wall washer. The Aquila Wallwasher offers visual comfort through its clear and uniform light output, without the glare

Luminaire Details

Product Name & Size
Fitting Types
IP Rating
Lumens (lm)
Lumen Efficacy
Size (mm)
Input Voltage
Lifetime (hours)
Warranty (years)
Aquila Wallwasher LargeRecessedIP203070.00410mm220-240VAC513L70B20@54,000hrs52700K, 3000K & 4000KDALI, Non-DIm, DMX, Mains Dim, 1-10V & No Driver

Specification Code — Consult datasheets for options

R - AQW - L/30 - 2790 - A - 01 - 01

LDT Files Datasheet
Variants Include: Range, Product, Size/Power, Beam Angle, CCT, Driver, Main Colour, Secondary Colour (if applicable), Accessories.