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GDS' Alundra Surface Mini Light

Alundra Surface Mini Light Large

This group is designed to achieve a holistic lighting solution, in architectural and entertainment projects. The main focuses of the Alundra group are very good glare control, energy efficiency and colour temperature availability in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. Lighting installation comes in 7 different choices, which cover Track, Surface, Recessed, Suspended and Ceiling mounted variations.

Key Features of the Alundra Surface Mini Light;

  • Quick installation due to Twist ‘n Clip system, tools free.
  • Uniform ambient lighting with high visual comfort by using wide optic.

Luminaire Details

Product Name & Size
Fitting Types
IP Rating
Lumens (lm)
Lumen Efficacy
Size (mm)
Input Voltage
Lifetime (hours)
Warranty (years)
Alundra Surface Mini Light LargeSurface MountedIP20256127.294.15136x87800mA/34V2tbctbc5 Years2700KDALI

Specification Code — Consult datasheets for options

R - ALUD - L/27.2 - 24 - 2790 - A - 02

LDTs Datasheet
Variants Include: Range, Product, Size/Power, Beam Angle, CCT, Driver, Main Colour, Secondary Colour (if applicable), Accessories.