See Prodigy Series in action



Hallam Smith introduces the new GDS Prodigy Series at Plasa London 2019. Prodigy was nominated for the innovation award at Plasa.

Prodigy was nominated for the award because of it’s USPs, which include;

  • Compact and powerful DMX and DALI hybrid with ArtNet.
  • Equipped with onboard webserver and smartphone apps for both Apple and Android Phones.
  • Easy to programme, with scene capture and snapshot editing.
  • Scene scheduling, with built-in lighting desk.
  • Scalable for small to large venues.
  • Installed with RDM suite.

Additional control with Prodigy;

  • Flexible powerful control; With HTP or LTP operation, Outstation toggle or exclusive mode and Automatic ‘Take Control’ for multi-room applications.
  • Multilayer ‘fail safe’ hardware.
  • 4 CAN bus ports for reliable outstation operation.
  • 2 DMX universe control.
  • DMX bypass to disable Prodigy if needed.
  • Non-tamper for use in public areas.
  • Multiple I/O for third party equipment interfacing.
  • Additional I/O at each outstation for further control.