GDS exhibit at DIFA 2019

The Daegu International Future Auto Expo (DIFA) is Korea’s largest exhibition on the 17th-20th October,  specialising in futuristic cars with expert forums covering autonomous vehicles, connected cars, eco-friendly vehicles and future tuning cars.

Daegu is an automobile industry city where 10 of the 100 domestic parts companies are located. Daegu’s auto parts industry has led the local economy as the first manufacturing industry by forming various value chains for auto parts such as material processing, unit parts, and module parts.

Exhibiting alongside DIT South Korea at the UK Pavilion, GDS will be showcasing the innovative DF (Daylight Frame) System, a scalable and high-performance colour matching system, providing exceptional colour rendition and colour control with constant uniformity.

Benefitting from 15 years in the entertainment lighting industry, GDS has pioneered perfect quality light and designed CoB chips that can mimic natural sunlight. As new entrants in the automotive sector, GDS’s perfect light manufacturing has allowed the DF System to become the standard for large scale sample testing and is finding its place throughout the automotive supply chain.

See our dedicated DF System website here for more details